Minutes - February 2016


Mr. Harris went over minutes from last year.

Quin Peterson showed the community Council how the district filters internet traffic.

  1. We use 2 filters
  2. All traffic comes in through these filters.
  3. The filters are set up by grade and school level, in six groups.
  4. Several categories are blocked such as Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns & Weapons Malware, Porn/Nudity, Swimsuits, adult content etc.
  5. Social media is allowed on an appropriate deemed basis, some of these are Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin, Google Image Search (Safe Mode enforced), etc.
  6. Netsupport allows teachers to see the screens of all students in their classroom.

Digital Citizenship: Child internet Protection Act (CIPA)

This teaches Technology usage=Digital Literacy

The district uses Common Sense Digital Literacy Curriculum

  1. Orion did the lessons with students during Titan Time in the first few weeks of the school year.
  2. There were 5 lessons that each class went through.

These lessons help students manage their identity online, and teaches them to use the computer responsibly.

Amy Hall, Orion Media Specialist showed the Community Council books that were purchased with Trustlands money last year. 

  1. The students can go online to www.av2books.com. Every book has a code in the front of the book that has activities tied to that specific book.
  2. There are videos and activities, online that go along with the books.
  3. The students actually loved using the books as much or more than the online information.
  4. There was some money left over from Trustland funds from last year, so we will be purchasing more of these books.

Amy Hall also went over statistics and graphs showing numbers of how many students check out books from Orion’s library.  Our numbers are much higher than other schools in the district.

Mr. Harris went over the original plan for 2015-2016 school year

He then showed the actual plan (see attached information sheet)

New Plan for 2016-2017 school year

  1. The Spanish Immersion class will require funds to run their classes.
  2. We will need 3 teacher buyouts next year to help lower our English class size at a cost of $24,000
  3. Buy Newsela Media/Articles  at a cost of $3,000
  4. Media Enhanced AV2 Books at a cost of $1,000
  5. Web Page Team at a cost of $2,500
  6. Purchase 2 Google Chrome computer Labs (60) at a cost of$24,000 (these sets would be for the History and Foreign Language Departments)
    1. The history department are using the Chromebooks a lot.  When it comes time for testing they are not able to go into the computer labs at all.  These Chromebook labs would allow them time to use these.
    2. The foreign Language departments will also benefit from these tablets.
  7. PLC Substitutes for Collaboration/Planning for each department at a cost of $3,000
  8. Student Advocate to help students catch up on homework at a cost of $3,000
  9. Whatever is left could go toward replacing LCD projectors at a cost of $5,000 for 8 projectors.

Mike Peterson asked how long a chrome book would last before needing replaced.

Mr. Harris has been told by the district tech department that they should last about 4 years.

There was a discussion on how the Spanish Immersion classes will be taught at Orion.

Mr. Harris showed data on the benefits we are seeing from PLC’s at Orion, and that the money that we are spending for these meetings and trainings are well spent.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Next meeting Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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