Minutes - September 2016

Attendees: Aimee Willliams, Amy Simonsen, Matt Deamer, Chris Earnest, Kristy Haws, and Mandy Mortensen Josh Garner and Rachel Boehme

Conducting: Chris Earnest

Ms. Earnest asked for ideas of named for more parent volunteers for the Orion Community Council

Ms. Earnest explained that the Newsela program is not supported by the district at this time, so we will not be able to purchase this program.

Ms. Earnest went over the minutes from our last meeting last year, and asked for a motion to approve the minutes.

  1. a.Amy Simonsen made a motion to approve the minutes
  2. b.Josh Garner second the motion
  3. c.All present approved

Ms. Earnest called for nominations for a community council chair

  1. a.Raquel Boehme was nominated by Kristy Haws
  2. b.Mandy Mortensen seconded the nomination
  3. c.All present were in favor of the nomination

Ms. Earnest called for a nomination for a vice chair for the community council

  1. a.Aimee Williams was nominated by Raquel Boehme
  2. b.The nomination was seconded by Amy Simonsen
  3. c.All present were in favor of the nomination.

Ms. Earnest went over the rules of expenditures for School Land Trust Program.

Ms. Earnest went over the 2016-2017 Land Trust Plan

  1. a.Goals, their measurement and action steps, were explained
  2. b.Ms. Earnest went over the projected 2016-2017 Trust Lands budget
    1. 1.458 ALEKS licenses: $7000

There were a few questions about the ALEKS program

  • Do the teachers need additional training?
  • Do we really need one license for each student?
  • Will using ALEKS be a part of the student’s grade?
  • If the additional ALEKS licenses are approved for purchase, the council members would like the use of ALEKS to be a part of the student’s grade so that there is some assurance that the program will be used.
  • North Ogden Jr. High used the ALEKS program last year and their math test scores were higher.
  • Will it become outdated
  1. 2.$500 on mini white boards
  2. 3.$2200 Av2 Books for the library
  3. 4.$2500 for Orion’s Web Page Committee
  4. 5.$25,000 for 2 Chromebook Lab (2 @ $12,500
  5. 6.$25,000 Smartboards (2 @ $1200)
  6. 7.$6,000 RedCat Microphones (5 @ $1,000)
  7. 8.$21,000 Student Advocate
  8. 9.$1,400 for Ukulele’s (20 @ $70)
  • The purchase of an item like Ukulele’s can only be made if we prove they are needed for educational purposes.
  • Is there something that would benefit more students
  • Although, the core subjects are important, other subjects can benefited by help with these funds
  • After discussion the committee voted to use these funds for other things that would be beneficial to more students
  1. 10.$1,000 Teachers Professional Development
  2. 11.$9,600 for Replacement Projectors and screens

A motion was called for by Ms. Earnest to adopt the Land Trust budget with the changes added after taking out the purchase of Ukuleles.

Josh Garner made a motion to accept the plan with the above changes.

Amy Simonsen seconded the motion

All present were in favor of the motion

Ms. Earnest asked if there were any other concerns, the following items were discussed:

  1. a.Is there a possibility to add an AG Science class at Orion
    1. 1.Would there be enough interest at Orion
    2. 2.This class is geared toward plants and animal science
    3. 3.Without this class, students can’t participate in FFA or earn their 4 year
  2. b.Is the Physics class at Orion going well this year?
    1. 1.Is it the same teacher?
    2. 2.There are more students taking the classes this year.
    3. 3.Seem to be going well.
  3. c.How many teachers will actually use a program like ALEKS
    1. 1.ALEK will allow a way to gage how much students in a classroom are understanding.
    2. 2.This gives teachers a formative way to access who understands the concept
  4. d.Find out what teachers needs are, and give this information to the PTSA so that they are aware of the needs at the school and can help fund these needs.
  5. e.A suggestion was made to continue showing test scores to the Community Council.
  6. f.A reminder was made to send texts out when there is a different schedule at Orion

There will be a PTSA fundraiser on September 22, 2016. Ms. Earnest asked that everyone support this activity.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.






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