Minutes - November 2016



November 30, 2016

Attendees: Chris Earnest, Matt Deamer, Kristy Haws, Krissy Hales, Raquel Boehme, Amy Simonsen, Mandy Morensen, Aimee Williams

Welcome: Raquel Boehme

Minutes were read over and a call for approval was made by Raquel Boehme

Aimee Williams approved minutes

Kristy Haws second the approval

All present were in favor

Krissy Hales was welcomed as a new Community Council member

Mrs. Boehme turned the meeting over to Ms. Earnest to share data from 1st quarter

  1. Ms. Earnest would like all 9th grade students with all credit recovered by the end of 3rd quarter so they will not need to attend summer school or North Ridge Learning Center, and will have all needed credits as they enter 10 grade.

  2. Ms. Earnest explained that during Titan Time students who are on track will be sent to the cafeteria if there is not room for them in their regular classrooms.

  3. 7th graders who have more than 1 F will go to the library to work with a tutor.

  4. Enrichment activities will only be held once a quarter.

  5. There have been 850 students who have received help.

A question was asked if teachers are able to help all students who need help.

  1. The teachers are not able to help all students during Titan Time, this is why we are implementing the new cafeteria study time for students who are on track.

  2. Options is also offered for struggling students.

  3. Working lunch is used to help students who have need of help with homework. We have 2 of these classes.

  4. Math lab is also offered for students who are struggling in math.

How are teachers closing the gaps during instruction time?

  1. Use at least 2 formative assessments during class and keep track of use.

  2. Re-teach now not later

  3. Different engagement strategies such as use of Chromebooks, hands on activities, peer teaching

District Grant

  1. Chromebooks will be placed in every English classroom

  2. Goal to increase ELA SAGE Scores by 5%

  3. Expand to Science in 2 years

Ms. Earnest asked the question as to whether we want to add ALEX for our honors classes.

  1. It is a good teaching tool

  2. Math teachers feel that it is valuable

  3. Students who are in math lab and have their work done will get on ALEX

Upcoming boundary study

  1. Ease pressure off of Fremont and Wahlquist

  2. All Green Acres 6th Graders going to North next Year (we lose 70 kids)

  3. Land to build new elementary between Washington and Harrisville Rd: Take pressure off of Pioneer Elementary

  4. Possible boundary change would include OJH taking more Pioneer Elementary students

Raquel Boehme asked if any new classes will be added for next year.

  1. Agriculture Science will be added

  2. PCCR’s are being held right now for our 8th grade students

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Next meeting scheduled for February 8, 2017

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