Minutes - February 2017




Attendees: Amy Simonsen, Mandy Mortensen, Raquel Boehme, Kristy Haws, Matt Deamer, Krissy Hales, Aimee Williams, and Chris Earnest

Excused: Josh Garner

Raquel Boehme called the meeting to order

Raquel called for a motion to approve minutes from last meeting

Aimee Williams approved the minutes

Matt Patterson made a second the motion

All present were in favor

Raquel Boehme turned the time over to Ms. Earnest

Orion has less F’s on student’s grades than any other school in the district.

A suggestion has been made to hold 2 Titan Time days a week next year, and one late start a week, with starting time for school being earlier in the day.

The question was asked how this would affect busses.

It may be hard on teachers to have so many different schedules in a week.

Assemblies would be held during Titan Time instead of having another schedule for assemblies.

Titan Time would be the last period of the day.

A concern is that students who are struggling may ask their parents to check them out if Titan Time was held the last period of the day.


There are 2 proposals

School boundaries would be set by municipalities (city boundaries)

All kids on the west side of 89 would be bussed to their boundary school.

The district has 2 plots of ground that could house new elementary schools

Current Orion students who attended Green Acres will be allowed to stay at Orion.

Current 6th grade students who attend Green Acres can turn in a boundary exception request that will be reviewed after the final decision is made by the Weber School Board.

There will be an informational boundary meeting held on February 23, at Orion with a follow


up meeting on February 27th.

Nick Harris in the district has worked really hard to be awarded a grant that will pay for each English teacher to have a Chrome Lab in their classrooms.

The students will type their papers on these labs and submit them

Teachers will correct them from there, no papers will be printed

Cost of printing will go down immensely

The hope of receiving this grant is that we can improve test scores and understanding

Chromebooks last about 4 years before they need to be replaced because they can’t be updated.

Trust Lands Requests 2017-2018

2 motorized screens on both ends of the gym

A new projector for the gym

All present were in favor of these additions to the plan.

Trust Lands Requests 2017-2018

See attached teacher requests

Goal #1

Continue to improve student proficiency in Reading, writing, math and Science while continuing to improve student pass rate in all classes school wide.

Measurements; Aleks data, Sage Sore increase (2%) & individual student Median Growth Percentile increase (3-5%, School wide number of F’s each quarter Benchmark scores


Do you go over test scores so that students understand what the test scores mean?

Mr. Deamer said the counseling department go over these scores as they meet with students and parents during PCCR meetings

Ms. Earnest has asked teachers to help students set goals to improve their test scores.

Students look at these scores and their benchmarks to see improvement

Action Plan

Purchase Chromebook labs for the math department (2 labs for 6 teachers to use

Continue to encourage reading and purchase more books for classrooms and the library (we have by far the highest rate of books checked out in the district.


Pay for Academic Advocate to provide remediation for struggling students.

2. To increase effective instruction and teacher efficiency, we want to replace 10 projectors

Goal #2

Continue to use data to drive instruction through functioning and efficient PLC’s,

Action Plan: To allow for PLC preparation time, we want to use Trust Lands money to pay for substitutes for every department to have 2 days of collaboration time.

Trust Lands Expenditure Wants

See Attached Spreadsheet

Ms. Earnest asked if there were any questions on the proposed budget

There were no questions

All were in favor of the proposal

The state is wanting to add a Digital Literacy class as a required class for all 8th graders

Orion will be teaching 2 sections of this class next year

Teachers who will teach this class will be trained this summer on this class curriculum

We are offering a few new classes next year: Guitar, Digital Literacy, Ag Science, Education Prep, 7th graders will be offered a Gateway class

A table will be set up during Parent Teacher Conference on February 22nd to increase awareness of what Community Council is and to ask for any persons who are willing to be on next year’s Community Council.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20

Next meeting will be help on March 8, 2017

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