Minutes - September 2017


September 27, 2017

Angie Francom, Aimee Williams, Jaclyn Wintle, Heather Woodland, Chris Earnest, Susan Roane, Krissy Hales


Rules of Order and Procedures of Community Council meetings were explained by Ms. Earnest

The council was asked to talk to the community to find out concerns and issues they may have and bring them back to the Community Council.

Ms. Earnest asked Council members to watch the Community Council training video on Land Trust Funds

Community Council rules state that contact information for all Community Council members must   be available to the public.  Our council member information is on Orion Jr. High’s web page under Community Council.

Ms. Earnest asked for nominations for Orion Community Council Chair for this year.

Angie Francom was nominated by Jaclyn Wintle

All present were in favor

Aimee Williams will remain the co-chair this year.

Appropriate Expenditures:

Ms. Earnest explained that the need for funds allocated to pay for a Student Advocate Aide has changed this year because of available FTE funds.  

  1. Ms. Earnest asked that the $35,000.00 be used to pay for:
  1. Replacement of projectors
  2. Classroom microphones for teachers
  3. Smart Boards

Krissy Hales made a motion to accept the above proposal

Angie Francom made a second on the motion

All present were in favor

Titan Time:

  1. Changed to 2 days a week
  2. Study time in the cafeteria was only being offered on Tuesdays, but teachers requested that this be available to students on Fridays also.  This change was added.
  1. Students are asked to bring a book or homework to the cafeteria during Titan Time.
  1. Titan Tutors are 9th graders only and are asked to help 7th graders who need help with homework.
  2. Working lunch is being offered to students who are failing classes.  
  1. Students pick up their lunch, go to the working lunch classroom and do homework while they eat.

Late Start:

The purpose of late starts is to improve our teaching practices.

The following meetings are held on late start days:

1st Monday of the month are teacher trainings

2nd and 4th Mondays of each month are for grade level PLC meetings.

3rd Monday of the month are for department PLC meetings.

Teachers collaborate with each other and talk about specific students who need help and how they can be helped.

  1. Can we have early out instead of late start?
  2. Can we start school later?
  3. There are athletics that require teachers to miss important meetings and training if late start are held in the afternoon.
  4. Mrs. Roane indicated that having late starts on Mondays is a good way to start the week for our teachers.
  5. Ms. Earnest asked the council members to ask the community to slow down as they drop their kids off on late start days.

Questions or Concerns

Amy asked if we are using ALEX at Orion.

Yes we are.

Ms. Earnest has received several positive e-mails from students about ALEKs

All English classes have a Chrome lab in the classroom.

All math classes are using ALEKs

Amy indicated that using ALEKs helps to prepare students to take the SAGE test.

Our students at Orion are scoring lower on the writing component of the Sage Test.

  1. Teachers in every department will be working together to help students learn to raise their writing skills by doing a writing exercise in every subject.
  2. Teachers will be trained on the procedures for these exercise at our PLC meeting on Monday.
  3. Taking SAGE test helps to prepare students to take the ACT test.
  4. We, are working to help students feel more comfortable with taking the SAGE test by asking them to set goals to improve their individual growth point score from the previous year.

Suggested dates and times for community councils:

December 6, 2017

February 7, 2018

March 7, 2018

All meetings will be held at 4:00 p.m.

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