Tech Triumphs

Titan Technology Triumphs



Titans Rock!!!  This page is dedicated to technology projects that Titans have been working on in many classes at Orion.  Click on the buttons and see amazing Titan work!!




       Gettysburg Photostory    Fort Sumter Photostory

       James K Polk    Native American pres

      Aphrodite Prezi     Athena Prezi

      Zeus Prezi    Hercules Prezi

      Hades Prezi    Cerberus Prezi

        Athena Prezi    Hephaestus Prezi   

German Fairy Tales    German Weather Report

Scribble Robots   Greek Math PowerPoint

German Family   German Family Project

  CTE PResentation 2     CTE Marketing Presentation  

 Catching Bigfoot     Titans in Reverse



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