English Fair








2017-18 below

Students must submit Extra Credit English Fair Projects (no theme) to their English teacher, by Feb. 9. (60 points: essay or story; 40 points: poem; 50 points: poster or book trailer; 25 points: cover design; 15 points: bookmarks;)

                Projects: (Name, teacher, period, on each entry; Editing for spelling, conventions is REQUIRED for all entries.

  • Reader Recommendation poster (w/ book summary and persuasive book review and illustrations, etc.)

  • Original poem, story, or essay (1-2 pages, typed, Times New Roman/size 12/single-spaced/one-inch margins, paper clipped together)

  • Bookmark design X 3, promoting reading, black ink, designed on school template

  • Cover illustration, promoting writing, pencil or black ink, for school Lit. Magazine

  • Book Trailer telling about your favorite book

*All entries will be subject to student and expert assessment and voting.

All direction handouts are available from English teachers!


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