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PE Make-up_ 

To make- up for missed participation in PE, come in before or after school and jog for 20 minutes. Titan Time may be used for PE make-up on selected dates each month.  Check in with either PE teacher.  There are some alternatives available for vacations and illness;  please see your teacher for clarification.


Orion Junior High PE/Health Department


Junior high school requirements include one semester of Physical Education in each of your 7th and 8th grade years. Ninth grade P.E. may be taken as an elective or as a requirement to fulfill high school credits. Ninth graders may also supplement their P.E. credit with a conditioning class to have a full year of high school credits toward graduation.

All P.E. students will gain an appreciation of sport, fitness and skill development through the use of a variety of activities and game play. Daily attendance is important to help build good techniques and set a foundation for good habits for a lifetime. Cooperation and good sportsmanship are discussed and expected.

Sports covered each semester will be traditional basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer and softball. Our program is enhanced with badminton,

Ultimate frisbee, recreational games (line soccer, skill ball, relays, agilities) fitness testing, trying new games and land paddling.

Eighth grade also has a one semester Health Education requirement. Mental, social and physical health concepts covered in this course help validate our P.E. classes which encourages a very health conscience student body.

Your instructors work together to bring our students a great program. Enjoy each day in P.E.--the best class to prepare YOU for a lifetime of good health!


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