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2022 Football Team

First name Last name Grade Offensive position Defensive position  
Devyn Miller 9 Quarterback Linebacker Team captain
Elijah Cottom 9 Wide receiver/quarterback Cornerback Team captain
Hayden Hardman 7 Quarterback Cornerback  
Kale Ha'o 8 Quarterback Safety  
Hayden Abby 9 Runningback Linebacker Team captain
Abigail Ha'o 9 Runningback Cornerback  
Daiton Valdez 8 Runningback Cornerback  
Gustavo Abarico 7 Runningback Linebacker  
Kelson Huss 7 Runningback Cornerback  
Corbin Duran 8 Runningback/center Cornerback  
Ayden Eddy 9 Runningback Linebacker  
Ryker Sontag 8 Runningback Linebacker  
Adrian Lopez 7 Runningback Linebacker  
Jordan Coley 7 Runningback Linebacker  
Rayce Stone 9 Wide receiver/tight end Cornerback/safety  
Joshua Budge 9 Wide receiver/tight end Safety/linebacker  
Boston Smith 7 Wide receiver Cornerback/safety  
Kaiden Rice 8 Wide receiver Safety  
Nicholas Landman 9 Wide receiver Cornerback  
Jackson Shores 9 Wide receiver Cornerback  
Aiden Prosser 7 Wide receiver Cornerback  
Isaac Thorsted 9 Wide receiver Safety  
Tanner Farr 9 Wide receiver Cornerback/linebacker North jr high
Garrett Burnett 9 Wide receiver/runningback Cornerback/safety North jr high
Logan Reedy 8 Wide receiver Safety North jr high
Tylen Chase 8 Tight end Linebacker  
Isaac Higbee 9 Tight end Linebacker  
Jayden Child 9 Tight end
Linebacker/defensive line
Keldon Bernie 9 Tight end Safety North jr high
Ryder Bosley 9 Offensive line Defensive line  
Kaysen Larkin 8 Offensive line Defensive line  
Carter Draper 9 Offensive line Defensive line  
Hagen Marquart 8 Offensive line Defensive line  
Carson Green 9 Offensive line Defensive line  
Ethan Osuna 9 Offensive line Defensive line Team captain
Alfonzo Hernandez 8 Offensive line Defensive line  
Krew Bingham 9 Offensive line Defensive line  
Braxton Phillips 7 Offensive line Defensive line  
James Hawkins 7 Offensive line Defensive line  
Maverick Lazane 9 Center/long snapper Defensive line  
Devin Davenport 8      
Jack Holliday 9      
Caeden Holliday 7      
Elijah Peterson 7      
Ethan Hanson 7      
Kaycin Scovill 8      
Wyatt Wilcox 8     North jr high
Samual Taylor 8     North jr high
Rushton Stark 8     North jr high
Bradley Munson 8     North jr high
Riot Gordy 8     North jr high
Liam Christenson 8     North jr high
Ty Baugh 9     North jr high
Dylan McCann 9     North jr high
Jayden Geiner 7     North jr high


Reina Edwards
Eliza Carbonell
Kimberly Bosgieter



Deshon Butler      Head coach
Demetrius Hernandez      Assistant coach 
Anthony Cole      Assistant coach 
Dahson Arave      Assistant coach 

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