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MARCH 4, 2020


Present: Matt Patterson, Susan Roane, Jim Joy, Jennie Taylor, Detra Berger, Elizabeth Putnam

Excused: David Sowby and DeVries

Mr. Patterson asked for a motion to approve minutes from February 5, 2020 meeting

Detra Berger approved Jennie Taylor second the motion

Principals Report:


Stem Fair: Students from Orion did very well at the Weber School District Stem Fair

  1. Admin is hoping to work with students help more students get involved in these fairs.

History Fair: Orion had more students participate in this fair than other schools by about 20 students. Many students will be moving on to the next level



Clubs and Groups; We have at least 500 students participating in after school activities

BARK Program

  1. Mr. Patterson spends hours weeding through false positives 
  2. He receives an email every 20 minutes regarding information used by students
  3. The problem is the algorisms when the students are doing reports on things like World War I

Detra Berger asked what a parent should do when they receive a notification from BARK.

  1. Mr. Patterson said he is going to send an email out to parents asking them to sign up for BARK so they can help their students when they do have an issue with this.

Current Trust Land Budget 2019-2020

  1. We are in a good spot on our Trust Land Budget. 
  2. We are online with our current spending to fit our budget for this year

Students are being shown their end of level scores from last year and setting goals for end of level tests this year.

The hope is that this will help students take the test at the level they are really at

That they are putting effort into their test and taking ownership into it.

If they test proficient on the end of level test they are opted out of the year end test in that course.


Trust Lands Report 2020=2021

Mr. Patterson went over the goals and budgets set for next year 

See attached forms

Collect data on PLC days and analyze this data

Expect teachers to come back from conferences and collaborate this information

Our librarian, Tammie Hansen, is doing an amazing job. She has categorized all books in the library by genre, which helps students find books they are interested in. She is always helping teachers and students. She also has many fun activities that encourage student to have a desire to read.

ALEKS Licenses:

  1. Our students are really starting to realize the value of Alex
  2. Instead of asking how they can get an A in class they want to know what they can do to understand a concept better. Alek’s becomes a support for this desire to find a better understanding.

One to one Chrome books

  1. The benefit of each student being assigned a Chrome Book outweighs the problems we have had at Orion.
  2. We are working on digital portfolios, this will help students realize that chrome books aren’t just for turning in homework, but for helping them grow. 

Extra support for tutoring: We are in hopes that students will have more opportunity to work with teachers on a one on one basis.

Moving away from projectors and toward flat panel televisions

  1. They will be wall mounted
  2. An 86 inch wall mount television will cost about $1000 installed
  3. These flat panels will be able to chrome cast so their tablets will be able to be seen on these televisions.
  4. We are hoping to use TSSA funds to purchase these televisions as current projectors break.

CFA Days

  1. The whole department meet on these days
  2. It is a great day where the departments collaborate and improve their departments


  1. This allows teachers to be treated as professionals
  2. Mr. Joy agreed that conference really help a teacher feel valued 
  3. He also stated that it helps them grow as a teacher

Mr. Patterson will send a report on TSSA funds so the Community Council will be able to give their input on how the money is budgeted.

  1. TSSA more flexible in the way it is used
  2. Still needs to be aligned with goals
  3. Funds can be used for character Education
  4. Our mental health specialist can use TSSA funds to work with students

Jenny Taylor expressed her appreciation that Mr. Patterson is willing to move funds around to maximize the available funds. 

  1. Legislators need to be thanked for their willingness to provide funds to help schools support teachers and students.

Mr. Patterson asked the community council to give their input on the proposed plan and let him know if there are changes they would like to see made.

Elizabeth Putnam stated she 

Detra Berger made a motion to approve the proposed Trust Lands Budget for 2020 – 2021

Elizabeth Putnam second the motion

All present were in favor of accepting the proposed budget

Meeting adjourned at 4:30

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