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MARCH 3, 2021


Mr. Patterson welcomed everyone to the meeting


Attendees: Cami Pollard, Elizabeth Putnam, Krissy Hales, Susan Roane, Matthew PattersonBrittany McConkie Ashley Marks


Minutes were sent out in advance of the meeting so that all members could read over them in advance of the meeting.


Minutes were approved by Krissy Hales, and a second by Cami Pollard. All present approved


Principal Report:

  1. TSSA Robotics going to Nationals, Educators Rising participated in a competition today, Boys Basketball team won the district championship, Girls basketball team are doing well in their season
  2. Panorama surveys are going well. 

We have had about 900 of our 1060 students participate.

  1. We are excited about the data
  2. We will be making many decisions with this data
  3. We are excited about our students feedback


Mr. Patterson went over our current spending plan

  1. Orion is in a good spot with our budget right now
  2. We are unable to carry over more then $13,000.00
  3. There may need to be an adjustment made to the budget. If that is necessary Mr. Patterson will send out an email for your input.


Mr. Patterson went over School Improvement goals for 2021-2022 and the Action Plan for these goals. 

See link below for more information.




Mr Patterson asked for comments on the plan.

Cami Pollard and Elizabeth Putnamboth agreed that the plan is great as it is.


Susan Roane mentioned that she feels good about the plan and also feels that no department is lacking.


Ashley Marksfeels that the collaboration time for teachers is so beneficial for teachers.


Krissy Hales feels that the plan is a great plan that covers all areas the community council worked on.


Brittany McConkie feels that the work which was put into the plan will benefit the students at Orion. 


Cami Pollard made a motion to approve the plan as it is written, Kami Hales second the motion and all present were in favor.


Mr. Patterson stated that there will be some new money that will come available to help fill the gaps that have arisen from the Covid 19 pandemic. There will be a myriad of areas that we can focus on with these funds. There will be a need for parent and community support on this.


Cami asked if the school will start allowing more extracurricular activities in the near future?


Mr. Patterson said we are not at that point right now. 

  1. At the Junior High Level, any school activity requires a mask to be worn by participants except sports. In sports activities students are allowed to play without a mask while on the court, but need to wear a mask on the sidelines.


Cami Pollard made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:02 p.m. Ashley Marks second the motion. 

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