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Orion Reflections Winners 2019

Gallery Here

Weber Council PTA Reflections Winners

The following awards were given out on December 2nd at Weber High. Congratulations to all of these talented students!

Award of Excellence (These students are advancing to the next level of judging at Region.):

Indiana Plant - 2D Visual Arts - Middle School

Cambria Coleman - Literature - Middle School

Ethan Wintle - Photography - Middle School


Award of Merit:

Autumn Vance - 2D Visual Arts - Middle School

Harley Layman - 2D Visual Arts - Middle School

Jackie Craven - Literature - Middle School

Jaycey Hartle - Music Composition - High School


Honorable Mentions:

Alexa Arave - 2D Visual Arts - Middle School

Sarah Vazquez - 2D Visual Arts - High School

Jolie Turbeville - 3D Visual Arts - Middle School

Harley Layman - Literature - Middle School

Indiana Plant - Literature - Middle School

Matt Bolingbroke - Music Composition - Middle School

Rebecca Behunin - Music Composition - Middle School


2D Visual Arts - Middle School Division

Indiana Plant - Aware of Excellence

Autumn Vance - Award of Excellence

Alexa Arave - Award of Excellence

Harley Layman - Aware of Excellence

Jackie Craven - Award of Merit

Jolie Turbeville - Award of Merit


2D Visual Arts - High School Division

Sarah Vazquez - Aware of Excellence

Anna Aardema - Award of Merit


3D Visual Arts - Middle School Division

Jolie Turbeville - Award of Excellence


Photography - Middle School Division

Ethan Wintle - Award of Excellence


Literature - Middle School Division

Jackie Craven - Award of Excellence

Indiana Plant - Award of Excellence

Cambria Coleman - Award of Excellence

Harley Layman - Award of Excellence

Andrea Ruiz - Award of Merit


Music - Middle School Division

Rebecca Behunin - Award of Excellence

Matt Bolingbroke - Award of Excellence


Music - High School Division

Jaycey Hartle - Award of Excellence



Competition of the Arts!!  Take a picture, direct a film, choreograph a dance, compose a song, write a poem or story, paint, draw, sculpt......Create!!


Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program run by the PTA that encourages artistic creativity.  There are 7 artistic categories that students can participate in.  Students of all grades and abilities are encouraged to participate and interpret what this year’s theme "Look Within" means to them. 

Art Categories:

Dance Choreography

Music Composition

Film Production



Visual Arts (2D and 3D)

*Special Artist* (for those who are eligible)

* Pick up an entry form and detailed rules in the office or online at

* All entries must be original work done by the student.  Copyrighted material is prohibited and will be disqualified.

* Students can enter one entry per arts category.

* Read the detailed rules for your category and be sure to adhere to them.

* Fill out the entry form completely and legibly in blue or black ink.  The consent form is only required if you have other people in your art. 

* The theme search form is where students can submit ideas for upcoming Reflections themes (entries are narrowed down to 5 per state and then the National PTA Committee makes the final selection).

* Students are judged on the interpretation of the theme, creativity and technique.  Make sure the art and the artist statement reflects the theme!

* Awards to be given: Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, Honorable Mention and Participation.  Only those entries receiving the Award of Excellence will move on to the next level.  (Progression of levels: Local, Council, Region, State and National)

* Winners will be announced after the judging process is completed (approx.. 2-4 weeks after entry due date).  A list of winners will be posted online at

* All Reflections participants will be invited to a pizza party for lunch in November to celebrate.  Awards will be given at this time. 

****Entries and forms are due to the office by Friday, September 27th****

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