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NAL results

2019-2020 Team Roster:

In Alphabetical Order
Balay, Thomas
Barker, Darren
Chugg, Strider
Dye, Joshua
Fife, Libby
Hall, Gabe
Havey, Spencer
Perkins, Maggie
Rogers, Christian
Nelson, Timothy
Sowby, Ben
Tippets, Christopher
Wood, Jared


In Alphabetical Order

Behunin, Rebecca
Byars, Bryanna
Cochran, Joshua
Crockett, Carly
Henderson, Court
Martin, Amelia
Pemberton, Brittany
Plant, Indiana
Thompson, Bryson
Wendell, Ava 

Redshirt/Manager: Chadburn, Adalyn

The National Academic League ® motivates and recognizes academic athletes much like their athletic peers.  By successfully combining the important aspects of team sports -- such as competitiveness, strategy, teamwork and cooperation in a group effort -- with important aspects of learning -- such as problem solving, critical thinking, scholarship, and public speaking.

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