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9th Grade Most Likely.....

To be Married Boys Taven Nye
To be Married Girls Samantha Inkley
Americas Got Talent Boys Tylor Ingram
Americas Got Talent Girls Megan Taylor
Travel the world Boys Alec Adrizzone
Travel the world Girls Erisa Howard
Be a Model Boys Jaxon Coleman
Be a Model Girls Asha Rydalch
Be a Comedian Boys Brock Crowell
Be a Comedian Girls Anna Aardema
Be a Billionaire Boys Josh Lee
Be a Billionaire Girls Brinley Higbee
Meet a Ghost Boys Zander Williams
Meet a Ghost Girls Megan Allen
Be President Boys Court Henderson
Be President Girls Morgan Adams
Pro Athlete Boys Griffyn Doughty
Pro Athlete Girls Brecklyn Dalpais
Valedictorian Boys Spencer Arrington
Valedictorian Girls Kallie Gibby
Live By Each Other Boys Jadon & Jaron Sorensen
Live by Each Other Girls
Afton Erickson and Haven Hone

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