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Here is a link to the list of the recipients of the AWARDS.

A message from the administration about up-to-date information regarding Awards for students, Lockers, and Chromebooks:

In lieu of the current situation with COVID-19, we are not able to hold our awards ceremony this year. In an effort to recognize the incredible accomplishment of these Orion students, we have put together a video introduction and a list of award recipients. We hope that you will take a moment to view this video and look through the list attached to this email. Students receiving awards or honors will be given their certificate as part of the locker clean-out process next week. If your name is on the list, please make sure to stop by the awards table just before exiting the building from the main entrance doors. We are so proud of our students and wish we could have recognized you in person. Congratulations!


If you have not yet scheduled an appointment to clean out your locker next week, please sign up here.


Students will keep their chromebooks through the summer, as long as they will attend school within the district in the fall. 9th grade students will keep the chromebook and use it at Weber High School next year. Please continue to take good care of these devices and use them appropriately. If your chromebook is damaged or not working properly, please contact us in the main office.


Mark your calendars for May 20th as a day for yearbook pickup. More details will be sent soon.





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