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801-452-4700 | 370 West 2000 North, Harrisville, UT 84414

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If your student is absent, please call the ATTENDANCE OFFICE at 801-452-4701 to excuse their absence.  All absences need to be excused (sickness, dr. appointment, vacation, etc.)  If your student only misses part of a school day, please call in to excuse their partial absence as well.

If you are going on vacation, please call ahead of time so that the student is excused for all days missed. 

Students also need to pick up a Prearranged Absence Form in the main office from Mrs. Nielsen. The student will then take this form around to their teachers to fill out homework assignments that need to be completed while gone.  Please have the student check with all teachers when they return to make sure that there were no additional assignments added.

In addition, if your student is being checked out, you need to call the office and check your student out. 


For addtional Attendance Policies, see our Attendance Policy page.

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