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titan tags


Design Titan Tags for each month of the school year.

August School Spirit Proud of their school, wears school colors, comes to events, positivitley cheer for their team, engaged in events, promonts school culture, respectful to opposing teams
September Positivity Looks for good, empathy towards others, smilling disposition, seeking to increase circle of friends, inclusive, generous, respectful to others, etc.
October Creative/Innovative Invents new solutions, thinks outside the box, develops new ideas/products, expresses artistry, expesses uniqueness
November Attitude of Gratitude Expresses thanks, recognizes others contributions, grateful for opportunities, uplifts others
December Service Reaching beyond self, looks for opportunities to serve, helps others, gives back to school/community, eager to lend a helping hand
January Academics Attentive in class, engaged in learning, values learning over grades, strives in all disciplines
February Leadership Positive Influencer, elevates others, models school vision, looks for improvement items, collaborates with others
March Integrity/Honesty Doing what you believe is right, honest with self and others, represent their own work, tells the truth
April GRIT Stays in the struggle, finishes strong, overcomes difficulties, looks forward (not back), focuses on strengths
May Dedication Goal oriented, vision of success, hard worker, going above and beyond,


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