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Athletic Participation Forms and Requirements

To complete all required forms, click on the link for your activity below.

On the page for each activity, you will see links for up to 7 items (depending on the activity):

  1. Disclosure Statement - This is to be completed by the parent/guardian and gives information related to each particular team
  2. Student Code of Conduct - This is to be completed by the student and spells out student expectations in order to stay on the team
  3. Parent Permission - This is to be completed by a parent/guardian and grants the student permission to participate in the sport.
  4. Emergency Card - This provides the coaches with emergency information in the event of an accident or injury at a practice or game
  5. Physical Form - This is a link to the required physical form for participation in Junior High athletics in Weber School District. This is not a fillable form, but one you will need to print and take to your doctor to complete.
  6. Head Injury Information - This is a required form for each player. This is to be completed by the parent/guardian and discusses the head injury policy for the district.
  7. Insurance Waiver - This form should only be completed if a student is not covered under family insurance..

 Every team member (including those on “fee waiver”) needs to pay the “pay to play” fee of $65 for their respective activity. This can only be paid in the main office. Coaches cannot collect any money. 

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