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801-452-4700 | 370 West 2000 North, Harrisville, UT 84414

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October 2, 2019 -- 3:30 PM, Main Office Conference Room

Record Attendance and Excused Absences:


Introductions (New committee members)

Principals Report

  • New Faculty
  • Administrative Vision
  • School Improvement Goals
  • TSSA Plan Review


Rules of Order and Procedure

Website Requirements

Appropriate Expenditures

Training Videos on your own

Election of Chair

Overview of This Year’s Plan

Community Concerns/Comments




Year’s Suggested Outline

10/2-19: Welcome and Training

12/4/18: Progress Report for 18-19/S.I.P for 19-

2/4/20: S.I.P. and Prep for 18-19

3/4/20: Finalize 18-19/Approve Plan for 18-19

(Note: All meetings will be at 3:30 PM)

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