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9th Grademost small

Most likely to be famous
B: Brogan Miles G: Kori Greenhalgh

Most likely to save the world
B: Greydon Hilliard G: Indiana Plant

Most likely to be on a toothpaste commercial
B: Ethan Wintle G: Kiersten Barker

Most likely to be on a tv show
B: Bennett Harkness G: Samantha Rassmussen

Most likely to be in the olympics
B: Nikolas Larsen G: Josie Rich
Most likely to marry a celebrity
B: Cristian Carpenter G: Gracie Stephens

Travel the world
B: Dallin Minnoch G: Kamry Cazier

Be on a game show
B: Matthew Bolingbrook G: Mia Barboza

Most likely to have their own shoe brand
B: Malachi Spencer G: Lauren Christensen

Most likely to win the lottery
B: Mason Aardema G: Kate Lindhardt

Most likely to set a world record
B: Daxton Sumko G: Moira Tinsley

Most likely to become a chef
B: Jayden Hernandez G: Lily Peterson

Most likely to become a comedian
B: Richard Barbera G: Brooklyn Hansen

Most likely to own a fashion line
B: Alecsander Medina, G: Kate Anderson

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