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Weber High Girls BBall Tryouts:
Hello Everyone,
First I hope you and your families are doing well and that online school has been going ok (glad to be back in school tomorrow at Weber). This is the update for tryouts. We will still be having two days of tryouts, on the 24th and 25th.
Tuesday November 24th will be Freshman and Sophomores from 6:30-7:40 PM and Juniors and Seniors from 7:40-8:50 PM
Wednesday November 25th will be Freshman and Sophomores from 12-1:15 PM and Juniors and Seniors from 1:15-2:30 PM.
We know that the 25th is part of the Thanksgiving break but this is the only way the school feels we can get two days of tryouts in before games start. 
A couple of quick notes. First if you are sick, please stay home and let me know, we will work out a time for you to try out later on (even if you are quarantined). Second you need to make sure to have register my athlete done before tryouts, here is the link">, please do it as soon as possible so I can get a count for tryout numbers. And lastly you need to make sure to have your own water bottle for tryouts and get there early because we will do symptom checks and be taking temperatures, plus that way you can get warmed up.
If you have any other questions please let me know, you can email me at 
Ready for basketball to get started! Go Warriors!
Coach Jackson
Clay Jackson
Social Studies Teacher
Head Girls Basketball Coach  

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