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Advisor: Marc Welch

Co-Advisor: Shannon Sowby

Grade Officer


Core Value


Tyler Orme



Rylee Jugler



Austin Green



Quentin Ardizzone



Mollie Gibby



Beck Burgon



Ellie Read



Stran Green



Paxton Lighthall



Kennedy Plant



Dax Elder



Payton Rich



Ella Christensen



Jake Stewart



Braden Neilson



Camden Law



Sam Rasmussen



Brie Larsen



Bode Alvord



Rhett Hancock



Bella Ferry



Ashley Orton



Jace Richardson



Ellie Fowers








Section 1:    The name of the organization shall be: The Associated Student Body of Orion Junior High School.

Section 2:    Its purpose shall be to promote high scholastic achievements, conduct activities,  influence school spirit, promote better citizenship, develop sportsmanship, and stimulate loyalty to the school.

Section 3:    The official school emblem shall be the “Titans”.  Any athletic group or other school sponsored organization will also use the “Titans” as their emblem.

Section 4:    The school colors shall be navy blue with silver and white accents and shall be represented as such in school sponsored athletic events and other organizations where and when feasible.



Section 1:    Any student, duly enrolled at the school, shall be considered as a member with full rights and responsibilities of the student body.

Section 2:    Members shall have all rights and privileges set forth in this constitution and shall be governed by its limitations.




Section 1:    COMPOSITION

A.  The officers  of the student body shall consist of a president and four vice- presidents.

B. All candidates for student body office must be from the eighth grade at the time of election.

C.  Officers of ninth & eighth grades shall consist of a president, four vice- presidents, where 7th grade will have two representatives from each elementary school.

D. The term of office shall be one year.  The year shall be considered from the day the student is sworn in until their replacement is sworn in for the following year.

E. Students can only hold the office for a maximum of 2 years that they are at Orion Jr. High

  1. Students can run for office each year, however, they can only hold office for two out of the three years in office

F. The groups of SBO, 9th Grade, and 8th Grade officers will have the same amount of officers as core values in the school. If Orion changes its core values, the officers will reflect the new core values.

G.  If the interest arises, an extra SBO can be added as the Spirit Officer. This spirit officer can only come from the life skills unit. Officers and advisors will work with the life skills teacher on how this would look and the accommodations that would be needed.



A. Each student nominated for the office of student body president or vice president must be a member of the ninth grade during his or her term in office.  Candidates for class officers must be from the class they will represent.

B.  Each candidate must either have an average G.P.A. of 3.0 or better or have a third quarter G.P.A. of 3.0 or better and no F’s or I’s for the first three terms of the year in which they are nominated and no more than 1 “N” and no “U” in citizenship.  All candidates for student office must be approved through grade and citizenship record checks during the third term of the year in which they are nominated.  Seventh grade candidates must have good academic and citizenship grades in their 6th grade class.

C. All candidates must be students with good attendance.  A known truancy in the year of nomination or a record of general misconduct in or about the school will bar a student from being nominated for an official position in the student body association, grade, or any other organization not otherwise stated. 

D. Candidates will be allowed a specified number of digital posters to advertise their campaign during the election process.  These posters must be school appropriate. Handing out mementos, candy, objects, or any other items to promote a candidate is prohibited.

E. Officers shall be willing to assume responsibility, maintain high moral standards and demonstrate good citizenship both on and off campus. They will represent the school at all times and their conduct and character shall reflect no discredit to themselves or the school.  Should a student fail to live up to the above-mentioned qualification, they may be removed from office.

F.  Students can not hold two offices at the same time, such as class office and cheerleader.

G. Students who hold office can participate in only one high school sport while in office.



A.   The election for student body officers will be held at the end of third quarter or the first of fourth quarter depending on scheduling.

B.  The election for ninth, eighth grade officers, and affiliate groups, will be held after student body elections.

C. The election for seventh grade officers will be held during the 4th quarter at each feeder elementary school.

D.  The student body advisor and class advisors will inform students of the election procedures.

E. Students who are interested in running must have all teachers fill out an evaluation form. Students must reach a minimum threshold from the teacher evaluations in order to have their names placed on the ballot. 

F.   For primary elections for student body officers, the top 3 candidates, from each core value, that receive the most votes will move on to the final elections.  The student body president will be selected by the advisor based on the following: receiving the most votes from the student body, teacher evaluations, and a vote among the new student body officers.  The next four candidates with the most votes will become vice presidents over their core value.

G. For primary elections for eighth and ninth grade officers, the top 3 candidates, from each core value, that receive the most votes will move on to the final elections.  The student body president will be selected by the advisor based on the following: receiving the most votes from the student body, teacher evaluations, and a vote among the new student body officers.  The next four candidates with the most votes will become vice presidents over their core value.


Section 4:    OATH OF OFFICE

A.  The oath of office shall be administered to the elected officers of the student body association.         

                I, __________________ holding the office of _______________,

do promise to uphold the constitution, to set a high standard and example for the student body of Orion Junior High School, and to do my best to perform the duties of my office.


Section 5:    DUTIES OF OFFICE

A. The Student Body President shall preside over all meetings of the Orion Junior High Student Council, conduct assemblies, work with all affiliate groups and their programs to see that they develop student morale, and encourage full student support.  The President shall represent the student body before the public either personally or through others.

The Student Body Vice-Presidents shall officiate in the absence of the President, execute other duties delegated by the President, and any other duties deemed necessary.

B.  If a president vacates their office, a vice-president will become president to fulfill the remainder of the term of office.  The vice-president taking over must be approved by the student body advisor and Standards Committee and must be ratified by two-thirds vote of the Student Council.  If an affiliate officer vacates his/her office, the student body officers under the direction of the advisor appoint someone to take his or her place.



A.   All officers will maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 and have no F’s or I’s. They shall have no more than one “N” and no “U”’s during the year in office.  Grade and citizenship standard checks will be done at term end reporting periods.

B.  Any drop in the above grade or citizenship standards by an individual officer at a term’s end will result in probation for that officer.  The term of probation will be set by the student body advisor.

C.A second incident by an officer of low standards in grades, citizenship, or conduct will result in automatic removal from office.

D. All officers will be an example of positive attitudes, appropriate conduct and good sportsmanship at all times.  All officers will promote school pride and spirit.



  1. Student Government is a voluntary extracurricular activity, and there is no constitutional or statutory right to participate.  Probation and/or dismissal from the Student Government team for reasons identified in this Constitution, and which are not constitutionally protected or illegal, is entirely within the discretion of the advisor and the school administrator and a member is not entitled to any due process rights prior to removal. 
  2. Probation
  1. Probation is defined as the equivalent of half of one quarter for surpassing the demerit threshold and/or for failing to meet end of term grade/citizenship/attendance standards as determined by the Cheer Coach/Advisor. Parents will be notified by the Elected Officers Advisor.
  2. Terms of probation. 

                                          i. During the time that an Elected Officer is on probation, the Elected Officers will be ineligible to participate in any group representation or to wear the uniform/day outfit of the day. The Elected Officers will, however, be expected to and required to be to and participate in all practices and meetings. The Elected Officers will also be required to attend any games and will sit out and support the sports club and Student Government Squad. The Elected Officers will also continue to abide by all rules and regulations included in the by-laws.    

  1. A member may be placed on probation for any of the following reasons:

                                          i. All Elected Officers will maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 and no more than one “N” per year and no “U”s during any part of the school year. Grade and Citizenship standard checks will be done at midterm and end of term reporting periods.

                                         ii. Any drop in the above grade or citizenship standards by an individual Elected Officer at a term’s end will result in probation for that Elected Officer.

                                        iii. A second incident of below standards in grades, citizenship, or conduct by an Elected Officer, may result in automatic dismissal from the squad.

                                       iv. Violation of the Rules of Conduct outlined in Article IV below.

  1. Dismissal
    1. A member may be dismissed from the team for any of the following reasons:

                                          i. Failure to meet Academic, Citizenship, or Attendance requirements as outlined in Article II section B. Failure to meet

                                        ii. 2 (#) truancies; first truancy will result in probation, and second truancy will result in dismissal.

                                       iii. Any conduct that warrants probation after a member has already been placed on probation in the same school year

                                       iv. Multiple violations or a single egregious violation of the Rules of Conduct outlined in Article IV below.

                                        v. Meeting or exceeding the allotted threshold for demerits throughout the school year (first day of school to last day of school) as outlined in Article XIII.

  1. Dismissal is a permanent removal for the remainder of the school year.
  2. A member who has been dismissed from the team MAY try out for the team for the following school year.
  1. Appeal Process
    1. Due Process. As always, students and/or parents who are dissatisfied with judgements rendered, have the right to an appeal and a fair hearing through the School Standards Committee.



  1. Role model responsibilities
    1. Elected Officers are role models in the school and community, and are expected to maintain the highest standards of behavior and conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting their positions and responsibilities. 
  2. Rules
    1. Student Government members must comply with Weber District Policy 5200.
    2. Student Government members may not use foul, abusive, or profane language while engaged in school related activities.
    3. Members may not engage in any unlawful conduct, including drinking, smoking, and possession and/or use of controlled substances and paraphernalia, regardless of where or when the conduct took place.  If a member fails a random drug test, it is presumed the member engaged in unlawful conduct.
    4. Members may not engage in any violation that constitutes a “safe school violation” under Policy 5200, including the sale or distribution of a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia or participation in any part of the distribution chain; the use of force (or threatened use of force); possession, control, or use of a weapon, explosive, or noxious or flammable material; actual or threatened use of a look-alike weapon with intent to intimidate others or disrupt normal school activities; or a school threat.
    5. Members may not engage in bullying, hazing, or retaliation as these terms are defined in Policy 5201.
    6. Members may not engage in discriminatory harassment or use discriminatory language, as those terms are defined in Policy 4120.  This includes language targeted at a student or group of students based on the students’ race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identification), national origin, and physical or mental disability.  Epithets, slurs, negative stereotypes, name calling, verbal abuse, derogatory comments, degrading descriptions and hostile acts based on the above protected classes are strictly prohibited. 
    7. Members may not engage in sexual misconduct as defined in Policy 4120 or sexual harassment as defined in Policy 4121. 
    8. Members will refrain from inappropriate behavior at games, including but not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct.
    9. Members will show respect to their advisor, other members, administrators and other staff at the school.  Members may not be insubordinate to a superior or adult authority figure.  
    10. Members will demonstrate academic integrity and will not plagiarize or cheat on assignments or tests in any class.
    11. Members will abide by the following social media rules, at all times and in all locations:

                                          i. “Social media” is defined as any form of online publication or presence that allows interactive communication.  This includes, but is not limited to, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other internet website/forum.

                                        ii. Members will not use social media to engage in cyberbullying or harassment targeting particular individuals or groups, on or off campus, during the school hours or outside of school hours.

                                       iii. Members will not use social media to share lewd or sexually explicit content, including images of oneself regardless of whether those images are shared with only one person and were meant to be shared privately, and regardless of where the images were created, shared, and/or accessed.  Students who are under 18 years old are engaging in illegal activity when taking and disseminating nude or semi-nude images of themselves or other minors, or images of themselves or other minors engaging in sexual activity.  

                                       iv. Members will not use social media to promote illegal activities on social media (ie, alcohol, illegal drugs, vaping, etc.)

                                        v. Members will not use social media to threaten teachers, students, or the school at large.

                                       vi. Members will not use social media to post profanities and insults against named individuals associated with the team or the school.

                                      vii. Members will not use social media to post pictures of themselves in school Student Government attire engaging in activity or speech that creates a substantial and material disruption to the school environment or that brings ridicule or reproach to the school of the team.

  1. Members will not be disciplined for communicating non-harassing, non-threatening, non-violent political or religious speech outside of school or the school day, even if the speech might be viewed as controversial or offensive to others. 






A.The five student body officers.

B.The President and Vice-Presidents of the ninth, eighth, and seventh grades.


C.  The Head Cheerleader.


D.  Others as invited by the Student Body Advisor, Class Officer Advisors, or the Principal.


Section 2:    MEETINGS

A.  The Student Council will meet on a regular basis for leadership instruction, coordination of all school activities, and encouragement of desirable attitudes among the student body.  All organizations serving on the Student Council must first announce and coordinate their activities with these meetings.


Section 3:    POWERS

A.  The Student Council has the power to investigate and report on matters referred by the faculty, administration, and officers of the school.

B. The Student Council has the power to promote service and activities outside the school which will better the school and community.






A.  This constitution may be changed by a majority vote of the Student Council and the Student Council Advisor with the exception of academic and citizenship standards which are set for the Student Council by the School Standards Committee.


                *Most current ratification date: March 2022 

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