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Core Values

Titan Values:New School Logo 2

Empowering Students To Succeed!



Titans create community by listening to others, removing barriers, creating a sense of belonging, and working together to build each other up.  We recognize, appreciate, and value each other’s differences as strengths while also striving to contribute in our own unique way.


Titans have the willingness to adjust and learn through creative thinking.  We use innovation while trying new things and approaches, adapting as we explore each idea until we uncover something amazing.   Curiosity drives our questions producing a desire to know more and an understanding that we may not have it YET.  


Titans make an individual commitment to persevere through obstacles and challenges over time. Titans keep going even when things are harder than expected.  Titans show grit when we cultivate hope.


Titans treat ourselves and others with kindness and dignity.

We value others’ lives, contributions, time, property, expectations, personal space, and well being.


Titans take an active role in our learning by recognizing we are accountable for our own behavior and growth. Titans show responsibility when we make choices and take actions which lead us safely toward our goals.