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Minutes - October 2021

Community Council

October 6, 2021


Attendees: Ashley Marks, Britney Mckonkie, Amanda King, Crystal Wolsey, Matt Patterson, Susan Roane, Cammie Pollard, 


Principal Report- new staff members, Student advocates-rolls and duties, student support and growth, 110 percent capacity. Class sizes. 

Current spending plan: went over the budget. Shown to all in a spreadsheet. Discussed money that was left over from last year, what can be carried over, flat panels, upgrading the audio in the classrooms: 2-3 thousand per classrooms. Maybe happen in the next few years. Hoping to get teachers to more conferences this year. 

Trust Land plans: Talked about the 1%. How COVID has affected us. 8% increase in science. Testing increases. 

Training: requirements for community council. Spend time on the trainings individually.  


Chair: Crystal Wolsey

Vice Chair: Amanda King

Matt will send out agenda and power point.

Kids mental well being. Social well being. Club Rush information went out today. Should help kids to get involved. Hoping for 50% of kids to join something. Astins club to celebrate star students. Wardleigh will be in charge of spacing and coordinating activities. Lunch activities. Possible dance and assemblies in the future.