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Minutes - December 2022


DECEMBER 7, 2022


Attendees: Sarah Heilig, Michele Arigot, Kevin Green Matthew Patterson, Ashley Marks,  Angie Francom and Amanda King


Welcome by Matt Patterson


Principal Report:

Second Quarter Information Update:

  1. Second quarter ends right after Winter Break.
  2. NAL is in the championship game this Friday.
  3. Boys Basketball tryouts started yesterday. There were 100 boys who tried out.


  1. Orion is a little above the district average
  2. Mr. Patterson went over the school, district and State averages.


  1. Orion’s academic growth looks great. 
  2. Student’s growth is compared to other students who have had similar situations across the state who are in the same progression level, with similar markers, to find this growth.

English Learner Progress:

  1. Orion ELL students have had 65% growth 
  2. 7;.7% of these students reached proficiency.
  3. Orion received a C grade, which compared to other Junior High schools in the district, shows us working in the right direction.

We use this data to gauge our students’ progress and to find ways to help students continue to improve.


Spending Plan:

Mr. Patterson went over the current spending plan for TrustLands


The comment was made that students may be getting tired of the ALEX program.

The question was asked if we are mandated to stay with the same program or if it was time to switch to a different one.. 

Mr. Patterson stated that there is funding to help with whichever program is chosen. 

Also, there may be an advantage for those students who are proficient in the ALEX program, when they get to a university level. 


The question was asked, as the budget was gone over, how the music department was, as far as funding and supply needs. 

  1. Mr. Patterson stated that this was definitely a place we could look at allocating funds.
  2. Mr. Patterson asked the council members to talk to community members and find feedback on ideas and needs for funding for our upcoming TrustLand budget. 


A call was made by Amanda King to adjourn the meeting

Angie Francom second the motion


Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


Next meeting will be held February 2023