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Athletic Eligibility

Eligibility Standards for Athletic Programs


Students wishing to tryout for athletic programs must meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

1.  A grade point average of 2.0 or higher for the three terms previous to the sport. The printed report card will be the basis for determining eligibility. Incomplete grades (I) must be resolved prior to eligibility consideration.

2.  Receive not more than 1 F for the previous or current quarter.

3.  Citizenship grades for the three previous terms:

No more than

1 U or

1 N and 1 U or 2 N’s

If the above standards are violated, you are ineligible to tryout for an athletic program.  For those already on a team, there is only one probation allowed.  If the student is still ineligible after the probationary period, removal from the team will be enforced. Persons desiring exceptions to the above standards may appear before the Standards Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to hear any mitigating circumstances that might arise with a student.