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370 W 2000 N
Harrisville, UT 84414
Fax 801-452-4777


Orion Junior High School is located in Harrisville, Utah which is near Ogden.  It serves the residents of Pleasant View, North Ogden, and Harrisville.  It is part of the Weber School District and includes grades 7-9.  The elementary schools that feed into Orion are Green Acres, Lomond View, Majestic and a part of Pioneer.  

Orion Junior High was opened in August 2003.  A dedication ceremony was held on October 29th. The name Orion was chosen, after the Orion constellation.  These stars, in the Orion constellation, represent a fictional person in Greek Mythology.  He was known as a powerful hunter.  A hunter must depend on wisdom, skill, knowledge and hard work, all attributes which students here at Orion possess.  Orion is also a millennial word that means far reaching, to hunt, seek, pursuit, and to look for something. Students and staff, here at Orion, are always looking for ways to improve themselves. 

Orion meshed together students from North Ogden Junior High and Wahlquist Junior High.  The students came together and made a great transition into a new school.  Committees were formed to create constitutions for extracurricular activities and student government offices.  Contests were held to decide the name and mascot for the school.  The start of Orion Junior High represented a great community effort and cooperation.

Years later, Orion Junior High still feels the support of students, parents and community members.  Orion is defined by motivated students, involved parents, and a caring staff of faculty members.  Parents and community members are actively involved with the school and their students.  Students are motivated and they are looking into the future to take advantage of the many educational opportunities that exist today in our culture.  Teachers and staff members educate students and get to know the students.  These groups of stakeholders make Orion Junior High an exceptional school and create a culture for learning.

The physical facility has filled up quickly.  In 2003, the student enrollment was 750.  Several classrooms were empty and used as storage rooms.  Today the student enrollment is over 1,000 students and every classroom is filled.  The first portable building was added in 2011 and the second portable was added in 2014.  Additional portables were added in 2018.

The physical building of Orion was built on a piece of land isolated from many homes and businesses. Today, many homes, subdivisions, and condominium complexes have been built around the school. These changes have helped Orion grow in numbers and diversity. Throughout the past few years, staffing and administration have changed, the physical building and surrounding areas have changed, and the technology and educational outlooks have changed for students. As a result of these changes, the faculty and staff at Orion have developed new and innovative ideas for teaching our students and giving students the vital knowledge they need.

Orion Junior High has become a data-driven school which promotes the best teaching practices and data review. We are excited to have the chance to be a part of the community and promote student learning.