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Minutes - March 2023

Community Council Meeting

March 1, 2023


Welcome by Matt Patterson


Attendees: Matthew Patterson, Amanda King, Ashley Marks, Angie Francom, Kevin Green, Benjamin Prall, Sarah Heilig, Brittany McConkie, Michele Arigot and Kelly Larson

A motion to approve minutes was made by Amanda King, 

Second by Angie Francom

All present approved the minutes


Principal Report:

There has been an average of 25% decrease in students who have an F on their grades at Orion.

Our student’s behaviors have been great this year.

  1. Less major behavioral issues
  2. We feel this is attributed in part to our MTSS program. 
  3. As part of the MTSS model, when a student has an infraction, we instantly implement support with school contracts, refer to our school therapist, our counseling department records this on our MTSS data and support is given by our student advocates, counselors, and teachers.

Boundary Update:

  1. Our student numbers will continue to decrease over the next few years. 
  2. Our proposal from Orion, for the upcoming boundary changes, will be to leave Orion’s boundaries as they are.


Counseling Report:

  1. Michele Arigot talked about our 7th grade registration. It seemed to run very smoothly. We ran this as an open house. 
  2. Career day is coming soon. There are many speakers coming to present to 7th graders. 8th graders will participate in Reality Town. 9th graders will participate in job shadows.
  3. Mr. Patterson stated that our counseling department is working hard and is doing a great job. 
  4. There is a very diverse registration sign up, by incoming 7th graders, in their class requests for next year. 

Mr. Patterson went over data for core subjects at Orion. 

  1. 8th grade numbers have dipped a little bit, but we are looking at ways to improve this. 
  2. English is another department we want to look at to see if we can add funding to help keep class sizes down.
  3. The principals are going to try hard to help students and parents see the importance of our end of level testing. They hope this will help students try harder to do their best. 
  4. English and Math teachers are asking students to pull up their previous Rise Test scores and set goals for the current school year. 
  5. This helps the students be aware of their progress and help them understand their test scores and why they matter.
  6. The students’ Rise scores are also used by the counseling department to help evaluate students’ needs.
  7. It was suggested that those students, in the middle, may need more support to really be successful. 


Review of Trust Land proposed 2023-24 plan

  1. Mr. Patterson went over the goals and Action Plan for next year’s Trust Land plan. 
  2. Tutoring after school is going extremely well. Students can choose to attend these on their own, or are invited by counselors, teachers, or administrators.
  3. Something that has been added to the proposal is that we increase teacher buyouts in English. This will keep class sizes to 25 students.
  4. We would like to move forward with audio enhancements. We will try to add these to 10 classrooms per year, so that over 4 years we will have these in every room. 
  5. We would like to use Trust Land money to pay for substitute teachers so that our teachers can participate in professional development. We also would like to pay for PLC conferences for teachers that are specific to the content they are teaching. 

A motion to approve the proposed Trust Land Plan for 2023-24 was made by Amanda King 

A second was made by Sarah Helig 

All present were in favor


Mr. Patterson thanked the committee for their time and effort this year. We appreciate their input and service. 


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Amanda King

Kelly Larson second the motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:14