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Minutes - Oct 2023

Community Council 

Oct 19, 2023

Present: Amanda King, Michele Arigot, Scott Elliott, Sara Heilig, Angie Francom, Jenni Taylor, Brittany Mcconkie, and Kevin Green

Excused: Matt Keller 

Welcome: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Scott Elliott

New Member introductions: Matt Keller

Counselor Report: The counseling department has added a Zen Den to help calm a student down when they come into the counseling department. They may talk with the student as they come into the counseling room, or they may go directly to the Zen Den. The students will rank themselves at the place they are at emotionally as they come in. The counseling department  is seeing a big improvement of how students are feeling, and coping with these feelings, as they use the Zen Den. 

The question was asked by Amanda King, “How often is the room used?” 

It is used every day. 

The question was asked by Sara Heilig, “ How do the kids know the room is available?”

It is more by word of mouth, and through teachers who know a student has a need to be there.

Mr. Elliott mentioned that a student who has a 504 plan has the use of the Zen Den on their plan. The student feels helped just by knowing the room is available for them to use. 


PTSA Report: Angie Francom reported that there will be lunch time activities during red ribbon week. Students can write a sticky note to write healthy habits on it. 


Elections of a Chair/Co Chair: Jenni Taylor volunteered and Angie Francom second the motion. All were in favor. Angie Francom volunteered to be the co-chair Brittany Mcconkie second the motion. All were in favor.


Principals Report:

Introduction of new teachers at Orion was done by Mr. Elliott: Lucy Porter (Math) Tana Park (Art) Taylor Rane (Choir) Caleen Jensen (Tier 2) Melanie Lucas (Orchestra) Chris Schunck (Resource) Sarah Yearsley (Science)

Mr. Elliott explained what the Tier 2 class is. Mr. Elliott was asked if the Tier 2 teacher has to be licensed? Mr. Elliott indicated that the teacher is required to have a behavioral license.  


Administrative Vision/School Report:

  1. We are continuing on with the Vision from the past few years.
  2.  Cell phone use rules will be the same as last year.

      C. MTSS is used to help pay for Student Advocates wages. 

      D. To fund wages for our options aide who is able to give support to students who need extra support. One of the students was failing all of his classes and now has a C average.

      E. We took our CLT team to the Solution Tree conference. It was a phenomenal conference. 

      F. We hope to have our CLT team come back to the school and teach the other teachers. 

      G. Funds are used to lower class size

      H. Chromebook and other technology partly funded with TSSA


Trust Lands Plan for 2023 and 2024 was gone over by Mr Elliott


Mr. Elliott explained the training that each member of the Community Council is asked to listen to, and the websites these can be found at.


Community Concerns/Comments:

  1. The suggestion was made by Jenni Taylor to have an advocate for students who have parents who are serving in the military. Each school can apply for Purple Star to help students who have parents serving in the military. 
  2. The importance of communication from Administration, teachers and staff to parents and students. If there isn’t good communication, the community will start to become unsettled with inaccurate or miss information. It keeps everyone connected. 
  3. Sarah asked for a digital version of the Zen Den Menu
  4. Brittany Mcconkie asked for links to programs like Power School, Calendars etc in emails so parents can use these links as a resource. 
  5. The suggestion was made that teachers make sure they are grading and posting these grades every few days so parents and students are aware of their grades. 
  6. The counseling department is working on the possibility of having the 9th grade experience take place not only at Weber High, but also at Fremont High for those students who will attend there. 
  7. Mr. Elliott asked that parents and the Community Council members change the narrative of how we talk about issues. 
  8. The question was asked where the money goes that comes in from clinics for sports, and does a fee need to be charged. 


Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.