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Minutes - Dec 2023


DECEMBER 6, 2023

 Attendees: Angie Francom, Scott Elliott, Jenny Taylor, Keller, Brittany McCokie, Sarah Heilig, and Michele Arigot

 Excused: Amanda King Ashley Marks, and Kevin Green

 Welcome: Jenny Taylor 

 Jenni turned the time over to Scott


The minutes were gone over and a motion was made to approve the minutes. 

  1. Mr Eliott indicated that the Purple Heart Group will need to be tabled until next year.
  2. There was a discussion about Powerschool and Canvas and how grades transfer back and forth between the two.


Counselor Report: 

  1. CCR meetings are being held right now. These meetings are going well. 
  2. Our student government held a penny war fundraiser to raise funds to help families in the area who are in need for Christmas. The counseling department is in the process of finding these needs and fulfilling them. 
  3. Counselors will go into math classes to go over registration for next year. 

 PTSA Report

  1. We had several students who participated in the reflections program. 

 Principal Report:


  1. The Accreditation team was here on November 28, 2023. They were very impressed with Orion and the programs we are implementing here.
  2. PLC’s are an important part of the success we are having here at Orion

 Orion Volleyball and NAL teams both went to the playoffs this year. Both teams did well. Orion was the only school in the district who had teams in both NAL and Volleyball playoff games. We are proud of our students and the effort they put in this year.

 Bloksi, a program that makes it possible for teachers to set up their classrooms so that students are only allowed to go into certain websites, has been implemented in Weber School District. 

  1. Parents will be able to see how long their students were on their chromebook, and what sites they have been on. 
  2. The district chose to use Bloksi because of the options it gives parents to monitor their students on their device.


Mr. Elliot went over Orion’s average compared to other schools and the growth our students have achieved. Orion students are well above average on the district level. They are also improving their test scores in all subjects. 

  1. There is much more growth that needs to be done, but the jump in test scores is a huge success. 
  2. It is the engagement of all involved. Students, Parents, Administrators, teachers and staff that makes these successes happen. 

 MTSS funds are helping groups exit Tiers and improve their understanding. 

  1. Our improvement plans are working to help accomplish these successes. 
  2. Orion Positive Behavior Intervention Support team are working to help students succeed even more.

 Orion Trustland budget was discussed

  1. Orion is right on track with the budget as it is written. 
  2. Our librarian is getting a group together to decide which books would be beneficial to add to our Orion library.
  3. The English department is picking novels for their classes as well. 
  4. Digital Literacy personnel from the district will be here at our next meeting to help us understand needs in this area. 

 Mr. Elliott asked if there were concerns that council members have. There were no concerns at this time. 


Meeting was adjourned at 4:31 p.m.