Minutes - March 2016


Excused: Amy Simonsen, Mike Peterson and Jennifer Jensen,

Visitor Mercy Jacobo

Meeting called to order at 5:35 p.m.

Before this meeting Mr. Harris sent a copy of the Trustlands plan for 2016-2017, by e-mail to each Community Council member, so that they could take time to look over the plan and be prepared to discuss any necessary changes.

Mr. Harris asked if there were any questions about the Trustlands plan for 2016-1017

There were no questions

Nick explained the proposed plan (see attached proposed plan)

Nick explained that Weber School District won’t support Newsela because it can be a Ferpa violation.

Jodi Lunt asked if we have applied for a Century link Technology grant.

Nick said he is planning on applying for this grant.

Jodi Lunt asked if we needed to add money for the Spanish Emersion program.

Nick said he feels that everything is in place for this program.

Mr. Harris called for a vote on the proposed Trustlands plan.

All present were in favor of accepting the plan as it was written.

Mercy Jacobo took a minute to talk about getting schools and communities involved with Weber human Services to help get a program started in a student coalition to help brainstorm how to Adopt communities that care, and find a resource to house a representative to keep this program running.

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