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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students to succeed!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower our school community to achieve a higher level of skills, knowledge and values.  Titans get better together!


We Believe That...

  • each child can learn.
  • each child is important and unique.
  • there is a direct relationship between expectations and achievement.
  • everyone has the right to feel physically and emotionally safe at school.
  • integrity and trust are essential to positive interaction.
  • communication is essential for understanding; understanding is essential for communication.
  • diversity strengthens the individual, the school, and the community.
  • the family should be the primary influence on individual and social well-being.
  • a well-trained, professional teacher is the most important resource in a child-centered classroom environment.
  • the support staff is an integral and essential component of the school system.
  • education is a shared responsibility of the student, parents, educators, and the community.
  • people support, value, and respect what they help to create.
  • planning, both long and short term is essential to maximize available resources.



We envision a school where each person has a name, a face, a voice, and a purpose.

School should be a place where:

  • People want to come
  • Everyone can succeed
  • Students reach their highest potential
  • Students create meaningful products

Strategic Plan Goals


Goal 1

Safe & Engaging Environment: Ensuring all students are engaged and connected to their school, peers, and community in a safe and secure educational setting

School-wide Safety

  • Ensure Best-practice Safety Response Program, Implement Reporting and Training Criteria, and Identify Improvements to Support Student, Staff, and Patron Safety

Student Engagement Program Enhancement

  • Identification and Development of Programs to Improve Student Engagement and Involvement With Their School and Their Peers.
  • Coordinated Support for Latino Students and Families
  • Development of the Student Arts Culture and Humanities Center


Goal 2

Social & Emotional Needs: Implementing high-quality behavioral models and interventions to support the social and emotional needs of all students

School Wide Behavioral Support Model Development

  • Development and Implementation of Titan Tags and Character Education

District-wide Behavioral Coaching & Support

  • Development of a School-wide Behavioral Support Program Involving Student Lead Groups


Goal 3

Aligned and Purposeful Programs of Support: Ensuring programs and systems that support a comprehensive, consistent, responsive, and empowering learning environment for all students

Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Aligned to the Utah State Core
  • Educational Pathways

Technology Systems Alignment

  • Continual Technology Program Development and Implementation
  • Targeted One to One Chromebook Support and Training for Students and Teachers

Education Programs

  • Highly Capable / Special Education Program Support and Weekly Coordination
  • Continuous Focus on %100 of the Student Body Success
  • Student Driven and Supported  Clubs, Groups and Activities

Enhancing Post-Secondary Culture

  • Expanding Partnerships With Community, Business, and Outside Resources to Engage and Support Students With Their Post-secondary Options
  • Identification and Development of Relevant Career Pathways and Connections to Industry


Goal 4

High Quality Instruction: We deliver high quality instruction through leadership, modeling, advocacy, collaboration (PLC's). PLC’s meet to analyze student data, are encouraged to take risks, share success/failures, explore new practices in order to improve student learning. We will continue to focus on research-based technology integration.

Shared Organizational Leadership

  • Development and Support for School-based Instructional Leadership Teams
  • Continual and Targeted Evaluation of Programs Success
  • Training and Support of Teacher Lead Technology Integration

Support for Best-practice Instructional Strategies

  • Identification, Training and Implementation of Best-practice Instructional Strategies

Climate of Collaboration and Reflection

  • Growing a Productive Climate of Collaboration (PLC's)
  • Meet Weekly With Time To Reflect
  • Identify Common Goals and Desired Outcomes