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C.T.E. (Career & Technical Education) Department

CTE classes at Orion provide students with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare for future employment and/or a successful transition to high school. The following CTE classes are offered at Orion Jr. High:

Intro to CTE (7th Grade) – designed to help students learn about themselves, their interests, abilities, the world of work and life roles. Students rotate to a new class and a new teacher as each quarter begins:

  • Family and Consumer Sciences (Mrs. Smith)
  • Technology and Engineering 
  • Business (Mrs. Reed)
  • Career Development (Mrs. Allen)

FACS-Family and Consumer Science (8th grade) provides students the opportunity to learn essential life skills. It allows them to develop skills in food and nutrition, childcare, interior design, clothing construction and style, consumerism, family relationships, personal responsibility, and job-related tasks.


Gateway to Technology DM (8th grade) – consists of three areas: design & modeling, automation & robotics, and energy & the environment.

Gateway to Technology FS (8th grade) – consists of three areas: electricity, flight and space, and Science of technology.

Keyboarding I (all grades) – Master touch operation on a computer with good technique and secondary emphasis on speed and accuracy.

Computer Technology (9th grade) – An introduction to computer application software that encompasses document processing, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail and the internet.

Introduction to Transportation and Energy (9th grade) – The exploration of different types of transportation methods.

Introduction to Communications (9th grade) – Exploration of communication technologies and design.

Introduction to Manufacturing (9th grade) – Exploration of manufacturing processes used in industry.

Introduction to Construction (9th grade) – Exploration of building trades.

Clothing 1 (9th grade)introduces students to basic sewing and pressing equipment, textiles, introductory level project construction techniques, and techniques for constructing edge finishes.


Foods and Nutrition 1 (9th grade) - designed for students who are interested in understanding the principles of nutrition and in maintaining a healthy

lifestyle. Attention will be given to the selection and preparation of food and personal health and wellbeing.

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