Minutes - March 2017

Community Council Meeting

March 8, 2017

Attendees: Matt Deamer, Aimee Williams, Krissy Hales, Mandy Mortensen, Josh Garner, Raquel Boehme, Chris Earnest, Kristy Haws, and Josh Garner

The minutes from our last Community Council meeting were read over by each Council Member.

Raquel Boehme asked for a motion to approve the minutes: Matt Deamer made a motion to approve the minutes

Krissy Hales second the motion

All present were in favor of the motion

Boundary Changes:

Matt Deamer explained the changes that have been approved for boundary changes

Boundaries will go by entities i.e. Harrisville, Pleasant View

Counselors are going to Pioneer and Wahlquist on March 9 to register students that will be coming to Orion.

Parents can fill out a boundary exception if they want their 6th-8th grader to stay at Orion, and they will be approved as room at Orion permits.

Questions were asked why a new high school can’t be built

A new high school will cost $75,000,000.00

Several of our elementary schools are overfull so they will try to fix numbers there first.

Trust Lands Changes

Add $3000.00 for supplies to our Trust Lands Budget

A chrome lab will be purchased for the math department

This will free up the general chrome labs for other classrooms to use.

ALEKS licenses will be purchased again

Replacing projectors and wiring

English Department class reading books

Academic advocate

Teacher Buyouts

Web page committee

AV and hard back books for our Media Center


Professional development

Science Static Machine

We are in the process of adding a big screen and new projector, with Trust Lands funds, in the gym.

The projector can be used with the lights on in the gym

The screen is a big automatic one.

A call for approval of the amended Trust Lands Budget

All present voted in favor of the new Trust Lands Budget for 2017-2018

Changes to classes at Orion:

I. Digital Literacy Class

There will be one session of this class next year at Orion

It will be a required class in 2018-2019

It will take the place of Computer Tech

Three sections of Agriculture Science will be added at Orion next year

There will be 1 new section of AP Geography next year

We have the most kids taking Project Lead the Way at Weber Innovations.

There will be a new Guitar class added

A Gateway class will be added as an option for 7th graders

New members for next year:

Jaclyn Wintle and Prascilla Crook

Meeting Adjourned at 4:45 a.m.

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