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Educators Rising

Advisor:  Mrs. Lee, room 302

ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meeting Times:  after school, please contact Mrs. Lee

$20 fee

Calling all future teachers, principals, corporate trainers, coaches, and counselors!!!!!!!   
This club is for 8th AND 9th Graders! If you are enrolled in TAP I (Teaching As a Profession I), the competitions go along with some of the class assignments!
Orion's Ed Rising Club had 6 students qualify for Nationals in 2021-2022! Three of those students were able to actually attend Nationals in Washington D.C. and compete! Braxton Tippets competed in "Children's Literature K-3" and placed in the top 10!!!  Abigail Ha'o competed in "Exploring Administrative Careers" and placed 4th in the nation!!!!  Lilly Lee competed in Children's Lit Pre-K and placed 3rd in the nation!!!   They all did an outstanding job! Fun Fact: These Jr. High students represented 3 of only 8 other 8th graders at nationals! They all had to be bumped up to JV, which means they were competing against high schoolers! To place as high as they did against the steep competition really says a lot about how well they represented themselves, our school, our district and our state! Phenomenal Job kiddos!!!

Learn more here:

Club fees are $20- pay in the office and bring receipt to Mrs. Lee, room 302.

 Meetings will be held once/month after school. (Times to be announced)

 There will be a Fall Leadership Conference in October and a State Competiton event in March!

 This looks great on a resume, it's an awesome opportunity to make new friends, build teamwork, and develop leadership!

Come be part of a national organization that celebrates Educators!!!